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Green Business Annotated Bibliography

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Land Use and Business



General Information


Local Colorado

Professional Development  


General Information


The Center for Land Use Interpretation


The Center for Land Use Interpretation is a useful site that tries to help people "explor[e], examin[e], and understand land and landscape issues."  They do quite a bit of different activities to ensure that they are reaching as many people as possible: "...research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition."  This site has a great land use database that includes information and thousands of photographs.  The Center for Land Use Interpretation has many programs and projects that include: stationary and traveling exhibits, tours at their onsite locations, and "independent interpreters" (artists and researchers doing work that is of interest to people at the CLUI).


The Smarter Land Use Project


The main goal of the Smarter Land Use Project is to use collaboration to solve problems surrounding land use.  There are examples of how working together in a collaborative and safe manner allowed for projects to move forward.  The outcomes of these projects, completed with collaboration, were better because the groups worked together. 


Conservation International


"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” This Native American proverb is the basis of Conservation International's effort to help individuals, communities and businesses use land effectively without inflicting too much damage on the earth.  Conservation International has been around for more than 20 years.  They have worked on traditional conservation projects such as creating areas of land that are protected.  They have also worked on creating areas of land that are used for preserving the land and using the resources that are available to us.  Conservation International believes that land use can, when done "wisely", meet the needs of developers and conservationists.


Center for Land Use Education and Research at the University of Connecticut


The Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) is an organization that is based out of the University of Connecticut.  Their goal is basically to educate and assist leaders in the community so that they can make informed decisions about the area.  In order to achieve this mission they do quite a bit of outreach in the community. 


Urban Land Institute


The Urban Land Institute is a huge nonprofit organization that has more than 33,000 members in 95 countries.  The Urban Land Institute works with developers, real estate agents, private companies and communities to create the best communities.  This resource is for leaders in the many arenas learn more about their profession and help communities come together.


Local – Colorado


Land Use Coalition


The Land Use Coalition is a local organization that is based in Boulder County.  Their goal is to "enhance the quality of life in Boulder County, and protect people's opportunity to own, use, and enjoy their property by promoting environmentally sound, fair and consistent land use decisions."  This mission is a difficult goal to achieve, but they are doing it in many ways.  They provide information about current legislative topics and individual rights.  There are also personal stories of how residents and land owners deal with different and difficult issues that have arisen.


The Rocky Mountain Land Library 


The Rocky Mountain Land Library has the ambitious goal of expanding people's understanding of the land.  They want people to understand the earth and how important we are to making it safe and healthy for everyone.  The Rocky Mountain Land Library does not have an operating physical location, yet.   They have many books and shelves, but are still waiting for a location to be ready.


Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute


The Sturm College of Law supports the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute as one of the largest legal organizations in the country concerned with land use.  They focus on being "an interdisciplinary, non-partisan forum for land use and environmental issues" in the west.  They achieve this through the use of conferences and workshops, research projects, education and the development of training videos and publications. 




The Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law


Florida State Law publishes a bi-annual journal called the Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law.  The journal addresses many types of legal issues that concern people who are worried about land use.  Some of the titles of the articles include: "Chop Wood, Carry Water: Cutting to the Heart of the World's Water Woe"; "Uses of Subjective Well-Being in Local Economic and Land Use Policy"; "The TDR Siren Song: The Problems with Transferable Development Rights Programs and How to Fix Them" and "Infrastructure and the Law: Florida's Past, Present and Future."  These articles address a broad range of issues and are available online in PDF format.


Land Planning and Conservation


"EcoIQ is an internet publishing and digital media company which exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability."  Their goal is to help leaders, teachers and advocates work for sustainability.  They primarily do this through their magazine: The EcoIQ Magazine.  This magazine informs people about so much.   There are brief articles about current events, in depth research articles, opposing viewpoints, and reviews of books, magazines and other materials. 


Environment and Planning


This website provides access to many journals concerning the Environment and Planning.  The four journals are described below:

"Environment and Planning A: concentrates on spatial organization and restructuring of cities and regions throughout the globe.

EPA Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design was introduced to cover the area of method application and spatial problems in built environments, with specialization in new approaches to generating and evaluating plans and policies.

EPA Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy covers a broad range of policy questions, including those related to non-state agents, private–public collaboration, and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations).

EPA Environment and Planning D: Society and Space provides a forum for the discussion of the mutually constitutive relation between the social and the spatial. The journal editors are equally committed to the spatial aspects of political action and the abstractions of social theory."


Professional Development


American Planning Association


The American Planning Association works to help urban communities plan the layout of areas in the community.  They provide certification to urban planners.  There is also training available to people who are new to the urban planning profession.  The American Planning Association has been around for more than 100 years, so the group of people involved has a lot of experience and knowledge about planning urban communities.  They are also concerned about ensuring that the environmental impact on land is small and that it is healthy for people.

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